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How to move from Australia to New Zealand?

How to move from Australia to New Zealand?

Moving from Australia to New Zealand is very easy, especially if you are an Australian citizen or a returning New Zealand citizen. New Zealand and Australia have agreements in place for citizens to easily move and work, and with the plane journey only taking around three hours it can be a relatively fast one as well. But getting you there is only a part of the move; what about all your stuff? Well to answer that you have about three options.

Selling Your Stuff Before the Move

Selling the majority of your belongings is the first thing that most people would consider. This is because it is often thought of as the cheapest option, and if you only consider the move, that can be true.

What people often forget is that most of the things you sell will need to be replaced and you won’t be able to sell them for anywhere near their replacement value. In the long run selling your stuff will cost you more. Also, there will be many items that you either can’t or don’t want to sell, so you’ll end up shipping small packages anyway and this can get expensive.

Selling all of your stuff can be very time consuming and is a key factor in why often people sell for well below what they were expecting. If your tickets are booked and your landlord notified, then you have a very firm date for everything to be gone. This can result in having to dump many items that you would have preferred not to.

Shipping Your Stuff in a Container

Organising a shipping container to move your stuff is easy. The delivery, collection and shipping dates can all be factored in for your move, so your stuff arrives on time. There is little to worry about as there is no pressure, you can choose to pack the container yourself or have others do it for you and your shipping company will guide you through the whole process, making it as stress-free as possible. The best part is when you arrive, your stuff can be delivered to your new address ready to unpack and help you get settled faster. This means you can hit the ground running and not have to worry about where you're going to buy your new bed from!

Almost anything can be shipped in a container, even your car! But, of course, there are a few exceptions. Your shipping company will provide you with a list of what can’t be packed in the container and well has helpful hints on how to pack. Check out our article on How to Pack a Shipping Container for International Removals for more info.

While there is only a finite amount of space inside a shipping container, the shipping company will be able to guide you on what size will suit your needs. Generally, you can fit a standard two or three-bedroom house in a 20-foot container and if you need more space you can always opt for a 40ft container. You should be prepared to declutter if needed, but then that’s one of the great things about moving.

Storing Your Stuff

Similar to a shipping container, except everything you own stays in the country of origin, and you’ll need to pay rent to keep it secured. The biggest downside for this is that you don’t have access to any of your items when you leave the country. While this is a great option for short trips away, it can become expensive if you plan on settling in your new home.

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