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20ft Shipping Container

 6.1m long, 2.44m wide & 2.6m high (approx 34m3)

40ft Shipping Container

 12.2m long, 2.44m wide & 2.6 m high (approx 64m3) 

Shipinboxes flagship products are our 20ft & 40ft self pack shipping containers. Our 20ft container will generally fit the standard contents of a 2 to 3 bedroom house or a personal vehicle and a few household items whereas our 40ft container will generally fit the standard contents of a 4-5 bedroom home or a medium car as well as a 2-3 bedroom household worth.

We organise delivery of the container to your house (or alternative delivery point), you have up to 5 days to pack it at your leisure, then we pick it up and ship it to your desired port in New Zealand. From there, your customs broker takes over and organising smooth delivery to your new place or storage until you arrive. 

Want to know more or not sure what size you need? Just take a look at the further information below or contact one of the friendly team at ShipinBoxes and we'll be more than happy to walk you through it. 


Once you're booked in, the process is simple:

  1. ShipinBoxes organises the delivery of the requested Self Pack Shipping Container (20ft or 40ft) to your desired location (your house, storage facility etc) on your desired date.

  2. You have up to 5 days to pack the container at your leisure or we can organise labour for you.

  3. ShipinBoxes organise the collection of the shipping container and delivery to your closest port as well as all the required export documentation.

  4. ShipinBoxes organises shipment of the container to your desired destination port.

  5. Your nominated customs broker in New Zealand organises offloading, customs clearance and final delivery as organised. You can elect a customs broker yourself or we can organise one for you. Find out more information on Customs Brokers here.

*Note that this is the process for our base product, if you wish to organise extra services such as packing materials, labour etc just let us know when you request a quote!

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Moving House


Pretty much everything you own! ​

You can choose to pack all your household goods into one of our self pack shipping containers or take the chance to declutter and only send what you need.  When sending personal goods you just need to remember that they are just that, personal, we would recommend against sending any brand new items or commercial goods as these will likely be picked up by customs, incur fees and duty and lead to delays with your final delivery.

Remember as well that New Zealand has strict biosecurity requirements to protect its beautiful ecosystem so you need to make sure that anything you do bring in is cleaned thoroughly and free from all organic matter. Take particular care with high-risk items like camping gear, hiking boots and vacuum cleaners! You can also take a look at the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) website for some useful info on this!

Not sure if you should send something or not or what you need to do to prepare for your move? Don't fear, when you book in, we will send you a tonne of nifty packing hints and tips to ensure your move is as smooth as possible. If you are still unsure you can always ask one of the friendly ShipinBoxes team! 


As a general guide, much like when you are traveling to New Zealand yourself, there are some goods you can't bring into New Zealand at all (Prohibited Goods - see the NZ MPI Website), some that you need to declare and some that are safe to import. Remember that even if the goods are allowed, you must make sure that all goods are thoroughly cleaned and free of biological matter (seeds, soil etc). There are also goods that may incur additional taxes and you should refer to the New Zealand Customs website or speak with one of our friendly team for more information. 

Additionally, if importing a personal vehicle, there can be additional requirements. You can refer to this NZ Customs factsheet for more information on requirements around importing vehicles and tax implications. You can also find some useful information on the New Zealand Transport Authority website.

The team at ShipinBoxes will guide you through the whole process and we also suggest referring to the Ministry for Primary Industries website as well as the New Zealand Customs website for up to date information.

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Generally, ShipinBoxes will provide a quote based on a door to port service (unless you request additional services). You need to be aware of any destination port charges or customs duties that may apply after your goods reach the destination port. For New Zealand, you will need to engage a qualified Customs Broker to organise a clearance of your goods through customs & quarantine as well as to organise final delivery. The friendly team at ShipinBoxes can recommend or engage a local broker for you and will advise further on any charges you might incur. You can also google New Zealand Customs Brokers to find the best deal and keep your costs down.


This will depend on the access at your property. We will discuss this with you to determine if you have adequate access for a side loader and container. We can also assist with finding an alternate delivery point such as a storage facility. Remember that you need to have permission & any relevant permits/forms from the relevant parties (landowner/local council etc) for a container to be left for up to 5 days. We can help with this as required. Refer to your local council's website for more information.


Generally, a 20ft container will hold a 2-3 bedroom house worth of goods or an average car and a few extra pieces. A 40ft container will hold a 4-5 bedroom house or an average car and a 2-3 bedroom house worth. Saying this, everyone has a different amount to ship. If you're unsure of how much space you need, one of the team at ShipinBoxes will be glad to run through this with you over the phone. If you are borderline, we would always recommend going with larger size unless you know you can prioritise items if they don't fit as you want to make sure they are packed safely and securely and need to take into account packing materials and void space. We will send you helpful packing tips and tricks once you book to help you use space efficiently and safely.

Have more questions or want to get the ball rolling? 

Contact one of the friendly team at ShipinBoxes team via phone or email below and we'll be more than happy to help!

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